Invoice Tracking software for the Service Professional

ProServices is a perfect compliment to any service organization.  The interface is easy to use and fully integrated with all modules.  It allows for quick startup to create invoices and estimates.  The monthly billing of customers can be performed with one click.   The modules include:  Properties, Products or Services, Invoicing, Estimates, Bank Deposits and Transactions

The system provides the following options:

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Windows Minimum System Requirements:

Intel compatible 486/33 PC or higher
Hard Disk with at least 20 MB of free space
CD-ROM drive
Windows 95 or later, with Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, or Windows NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3 or later)
Inkjet or Laser Printer
Note The application requires the shfolder.dll and comctl32.dll files, which are installed by Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 (or later) or by Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later).

Macintosh Minimum System Requirements:

Power Macintosh or Mac OS computer with a PPC 601 processor or higher
System 8.1 or later
Hard Disk with at least 24 MB of free space
CD-ROM drive
Inkjet or Laser Printer

60 Days Free

The evaluation period starts after the first time the application is executed.  You will receive a warning near the end of the evalutation period.  Once evaluation period has expired all data will be inaccessable without a registration license.  For the complete license aggreement please refer to the file Licence located with the software.
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